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Scarborough Public Library delivers

By Laura Bean Special to the Leader

When you think of home delivery, what comes to mind?

If it’s not the latest John Grisham novel, think again. For more than 40 years, the Scarborough Public Library has offered free delivery to Scarborough residents who can’t make it to the library in person, whether due to illness, immobility or age-related transportation restrictions.

The service is available on a permanent basis or for temporary situations such as recovering from surgery or the birth of a child.

“Unless or until you need the service, you might not be aware of it, so we wanted to get the word out,” said Laura Bean, adult services assistant and home delivery coordinator at the library. “Especially during inclement weather, getting around can be tricky. We never want you to be without that next book or movie because of a transportation issue.”

Formerly known as outreach, this service is being rebranded with the more descriptive moniker, “Home Delivery.”

Brand new tote bags, purchased with grants from the Friends of Maine Libraries and Scarborough Terrace and emblazoned with the new name and logo, are set to be delivered to patrons in mid-March.

Twice a month library staff will fill those tote bags with books, audiobooks, DVDs, and magazines and they will be delivered with help from dedicated volunteers to library patrons living in their own homes or in retirement and care communities across Scarborough.

Some patrons make requests for specific titles while others prefer to have staff choose materials for them based on their personal preferences.

The library’s rapidly expanding large print and audiobook collections are popular, as are television series and movies on DVD.

Any material that can be checked out from the library can be delivered. Librarians are also happy to visit homebound patrons to show them how to use any of the library’s anytime, anywhere digital resources including e-Books and the online learning platforms Lynda.com and Transparent Language.

The library would like to reach anyone in need of this service. If you or someone you know would benefit from free home delivery, you’ll find more information and an application form on the library’s website at www.scarboroughlibrary.org/homedelivery.org or contact the adult services staff at 883-4723, option 4, or email askspl@scarboroughlibrary.org.

Laura Bean is adult service assistant at Scarborough Public Library.

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